Piyush Sheth

Piyush Sheth, Vice President and General Manager, Gas Control

Piyush Sheth is Vice President and General Manager of ESAB Corporation’s Gas Control business platform. Sheth joined the company in April of 2020 as Vice President & General Manger within ESAB’s Gas Control Equipment (GCE) Group where he successfully integrated GCE within ESAB, built a strong management team and delivered organic growth and profitability. Additionally, Sheth concluded two successful acquisitions in line with strategic plans and drove globalization of gas control equipment portfolio leveraging ESAB’s strong regional presence. As the Vice President of ESAB Corporation’s Gas Control platform Sheth has global responsibilities for driving organic growth, expanding margins, and improving cash generation across the portfolio including within the recent portfolio acquisitions of Ohio Medical and Therapy Equipment Ltd.

Before joining ESAB, Sheth was an executive with Honeywell, where he held several positions during his tenure including Vice President and General Manager, Process Measurement & Control, EMEA where he had global P&L responsibilities for the marine instrumentation business. Prior positions within Honeywell included Sr. Director Global Strategy for automation and controls in midstream, downstream oil and gas, process, and manufacturing sectors. Sheth also served as the Head of Sales and Marketing for Phillips in their sound solutions division.

Sheth holds a master’s in business administration from ICFAI University Ahmedabad in India, and a Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering from M.S. University, Vadodara.