Our company.

ESAB Corporation is a premier global fabrication and specialty gas control technology company focused on welding technology, advanced equipment, consumables, specialty gas control, robotics, and digital solutions. Industry leaders that shape the world leverage ESAB Corporation’s portfolio of solutions to bring the next great idea into reality.

With more than 9,000 associates serving customers in 147 countries, our solutions are developed by our global network of associates and customers.

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Track record of growing revenue and expanding margins.


Sales (CAGR) ('16-'21)

+300 bps

aEBITDA Margin Improvement ('16-'21)


2021 FCF Conversion*


Revenue from products introduced in last five years (*in 2021)

* FCF Conversion is on a segment basis, unlevered. Calculated as FCF divided by adjusted net income.

Shaped for Success.

ESAB compounds shareholder value by continuously improving our businesses through our ESAB Business Excellence philosophy, market critical innovations, organic growth, and attracting and retaining the best talent.

Global Fabrication Technology Company

ESAB Corporation is a global fabrication technology company with a local focus – providing our customers with tailored solutions to meet their needs and enabling the everyday advancements and extraordinary developments that shape our world.

Growth Strategy Underpinned by Technology Leadership and Innovation

We are focused on helping our customers solve their greatest challenges by bringing advanced technologies and innovations to market – which also drives our long-term growth strategy

Continuous Improvement is in Our DNA

ESAB Business Excellence is embedded in everything we do. Our approach to business challenges our associates to identify opportunities for improvement and work together to provide innovative solutions for ourselves and our customers.

Proven Track Record of Strong Free Cash Flow Generation

We target free cash flow greater than 100 percent of net income to drive financial flexibility and create long-term shareholder value.

ESAB Business Excellence.

ESAB Business Excellence (EBX) is our unique business-management system that guides the way we operate. Built off the highly effective and successful Danaher Business System which is rooted in the principle of continuous improvement. EBX provides the tools, techniques, and values that ensure we are continuously improving our ability to meet or exceed customer requirements every day.

EBX drives repeatable, teachable process that delivers breakthrough performance and allows us to create superior value for our customers, our shareholders, and our associates.

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